Finally, an easy way to store your accumulated affiliate information, and for free to boot!

Store all of your affiliate links, domain names, websites, and
logon information in one place for easy access. Don't spend
your time hunting information. Spend it making cash!
Oh! Did I mention it's free?

Any affiliate marketer knows that tracking the volumes of information generated by joining multiple affiliate sites is an overwhelming job. Even if you are a good organizer, all the logins, websites, and URL's are very difficult and time consuming to deal with.

Your information can easily become scattered in email boxes and files. You have to hunt up all the different passwords and user ID's every time you want to access an affiliate site, domain registrar, or web site. With Affiliate File Cabinet your information is not only easily accessed, but it is also easily backed up, even on a flash drive, or zip drive.

I created Affiliate File Cabinet to not only store the information and protect it, but also to make it simple to use the information. For instance, to get to a website that is stored in AFC, you just click a button beside the URL. Your web browser will then open and navigate to the URL entered in AFC. A real time saver.

When I originally developed Affiliate File Cabinet, I didn't think to add that feature. I had loaded my info into AFC, and was using it. Then I had a friend download a copy. It was the first thing he suggested. I immediately went to work to add the automatic URl feature. In using the program myself, I have to say that it has increased it's usefulness by at least 30%.

Entering information couldn't be easier, you just press the add button and fill in the blanks. There is even a paste button beside each text box so you can paste the information in easily if you prefer. We don't put a bunch of worthless features in AFC either. We like to keep the interface simple and easy to use. The learning curve is nearly nonexistent.

See a video Walkthrough of Affiliate File Cabinet

You can store the information for...

  • All of your affiliate merchants.
  • All of your websites.
  • All of your domain names.
  • All of your web hosting companies.
  • All of your domain registrar companies.

and it will all be in one easy to find and use place.

  • AFC will automatically open your web browser, and go directly to the selected web address (URL) with 1 click of a button
  • Copy and paste your user ID's and passwords to the page Affiliate File Cabinet just opened for you.
  • Backup your sensitive data to the default area or a different drive, even a flash or zip drive, and keep it safe.




See a video Walkthrough of Affiliate File Cabinet

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